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Wednesday - Various ramblings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wednesday [Oct. 1st, 2008|03:52 pm]
I can honestly say I have never been in this sort of position, or felt like this, in my entire life.  It's hard to explain WHAT it is exactly...sort of a lost, displaced, floating, halfasleep, uncertainty.  I've decided it's probably wiser to embrace it than comiserate it, which isn't the easiest thing, but I'm givin it a go.  So i've been trying to keep myself occupied by walking into town everyday.  I spend a lot of time at the library, lot of time reading, and the rest is walking to town and back.  I try to see it as an adventure every time I go out...it's a heck of a lot better than sitting in my room alone. 

I was out walking yesterday and came across a really funny road sign advertising Gent Toilets THIS WAY (arrow).  Made me think it might be fun to start a live journal up for funny sights in edinburgh...what do you all think???

I had an interview yesterday at Next, a clothing store.  Retail (AHHHHHHHHHHH) but at least it's something.  Got a call back this morning and she said she would call again this afternoon--I am in the depths of anticipation...

[User Picture]From: silverblayze
2008-10-01 10:53 pm (UTC)
Good luck, Rumi.
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