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working hard for the money [Oct. 9th, 2008|08:20 pm]
I started a full time job at Next, a clothing store popular here in the UK. I leave the house at 6:20 am. Oddly enough so far it hasn't bothered me getting up early (though I'm sure complaints are sure to follow). It's kinda cool walking past the craigs before daylight.

I'm in the stockroom, which is brilliant for the fact that I don't have to deal with people. It's mindless work--unpacking clothes, tagging them by size, and putting them away but it will pay the bills until something better comes along. In the breakroom I overheard two co-workers talking about how they hated how the university students come in to work and act like they are too good to be there... I tried to hide a smile :)

I spent the majority of yesterday talking with this guy I work with about America and all the cultural differences between the UK and US. Taco Bell dominated the conversation :)I asked him if he knew what mt. dew was and he said yes, he's tried the green "juice" once. Oh mt dew, how I miss you!

Yesterday was a big day for mail. I got my dissertation results (71, which is pretty good by the grading system used here)and got the latest edition of Mslexia which included a 100 pound check for my book review which appears in the issue. It's the first thing I have had published in an internationally recognized magazine--pretty darn exciting. Granted, the book review was part of the internship, but hey, it's still pretty nifty!

Mine's the one titled "One of a Kind"

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2008-10-10 01:32 am (UTC)
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